October 24, 2016

DryVerify Inspections

#1. How do you know it’s really dry?

Finding hidden locations of moisture is one of the most critical elements of structural drying.  Your home could have a perfectly normal appearance, and potentially have water with dangerous bacteria and other contaminants. Learn more about our DryVerify Inspections.

#2. DryVerify Inspections System

A critical part of the Advanced Structural Drying Technology, the DryVerify™ Inspection combines of state of the art inspection tools, to test infrastructural  moisture levels and humidity, at a new level of accuracy.  With this we have been able to save our clients 50%-80% over obsolete “rip & tear” restoration.

#3. Family Safe & Environmentally Friendly

Flood water in your home or business can make the air unhealthy.  When things get wet more than 2 days, mold can start to grow.  DryVerify Inspections are critical in directing Benchmark Technician to affected areas early, keeping your family safe from harmful bacteria.

DryVerify™ Inspections

With our DryVerify Inspections we see the condition of each key section throughout the house firsthand, helping give you a better understanding of the the affected areas, and the right plan in restoring your home.

The inspector will save you time and frustrations by educating on the most effective way to mitigate and reconstruct (if neccessary) your home or business.  The inspector will also provide maintenance needs and procedures, and explain how and when to check items that need periodic monitoring.

Read your Benchmark Restoration inspection report thoroughly. If you have concerns or need clarification — no matter how minor the issue — please do not hesitate to call your BenchMark Water Damage home inspector. Our Benchmark inspectors are always willing to help put your mind at ease.

Whether or not you choose Benchmark Restoration to perform your inspection, please use a qualified, trained professional to inspect your home. A water damaged home can be effect you for a lifetime and you deserve confidence in your financial decision.

Picture of a thermal image of a home during a dryverify inspection

About Benchmark Reconstruction

Once mitigation is complete, the reconstruction phase begins.  This is where restoring your home to pre-loss condition takes shape…

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