October 24, 2016

Structural Drying

Save Money

Save 50%-80% over obsolite “Rip & Tear” restoration.  Benchmark Restoration uses Advanced Structural Drying Technology™ (ASD™) to pinpoint hidden pockets of moisture

Save Time

Benchmark Restoration’s Advanced Structural Drying Technology™ (ASD™), eliminates 100% of repairs on most water losses.

Safe & Environmentally Friendly

The ASD technology prevents mold growth & eliminates most landfill waste so our clients are back in their property in days not weeks or months.  For emergency water damage tips, click here.

Image of a kitchen with sink, microwave and stove with tile floor. Structural drying was performed in this kitchen.

Advanced Structural Drying™ Technology (ASD™)

For over a quarter of a century, Benchmark Restoration has developed a structural drying technology that other restorers can not match.  This means that your home is returned to pre-loss condition far faster and at a much lower cost.  While some reconstruction work may be required, Benchmark has chosen not to directly profit from structural repairs.  So our interest is purely in handing you back your home in the fastest time possible, without sacrificing quality.

Structural Drying – The Process

Structural drying is a dedicated science.  It is based of the affected area, materials and environmental conditions present at the structural loss.  Through extensive ongoing training and a high level of experience Benchmark can pinpoint the exact time the affected area’s will be dry.

Emergency Water Damage Tips

Don’t Wait!  Water damage, whether from broken pipes, sewer or drain back-ups, appliances, hot water heaters, toilet overflows, storms or fire damage, requires quick response.  Sewage or flood waters carry dangerous bacteria and other contaminants.  But even clean water can generate mold and other bacteria growth.  Successful mitigation depends on your fast action and the nature of the damage.

See Tips

Chalk board with good idea written on it emphasizing structural drying

Next Steps…

Benchmark Restoration’s DryVerify™ advanced inspection tools locate elusive areas of moisture that can clean to mold causing bacteria.  Click the button to learn more about our DryVerify Inspection Tools.

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